Our mission is to create a fun, family-friendly atmosphere where our customers and employees feel cared for and appreciated. We are happily here to make you a sub, salad or wrap just the way you want it…              

    We are a small, independently-owned and operated delicatessen located at the edge of Vista, also serving San Marcos and Carlsbad. Our passion is making the perfect sub, salad, or wrap for you. We have operated a delicatessen at this location since 2007. In 2017, we changed our business name to Perfectsubs. Our name does not reflect our ability to be perfect, but rather our desire to listen precisely to what you want, so we can deliver your style of perfect. A little more of this, a little less of that--we’ve got you covered! Our focus is preparing fresh food served exactly how you want it.

    We would like to thank our loyal customers for allowing us to serve the community since 2007. Our commitment to you is that we will run our business with integrity, providing excellent food at a fair price. Our business is guided by our Christian values. Our hope is that you will be uplifted when you visit us and encouraged by the positive music we play. We support the local church we attend, as well as two children in Kenya through Food for the Hungry Ministries. We believe that we can work locally as well as globally to make the world a brighter place!